fusionwear sv is a design inspired by you

Show us what the Silicon Valley experience looks from your perspective. What makes Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley?

Inspire Us.

Is it your office building? The mountains? Signs of ethnic diversity? Overworked engineers? You are invited to upload images that you think represent the Silicon Valley experience in all its cultural, geographic and technological diversity. You will create a visual vocabulary for our region, just as the Hawaiian print captures the spirit and cultural iconography of Hawaii.

The images submitted will provide inspiration to artists Corinne Okada Takara and Collen Quen, who will create printed fabrics and couture designs called fusionwear sv.

Or, put your artistic flair to work and send us your textile design. It'll be voted upon by the public and the favorites will be displayed during the 01SJ Biennial!

Winners Announced!

Many thanks to everyone for participating and voting. Check out the Participate page to see the winners!

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